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Everyone has times in their lives when they need someone to talk to. Whether something has happened recently or you've been worried about a particular thing for a while, or just that awkward matter you just don't wish to reveal with close ones. WELL THAT'S WHY I'M HERE TO HELP. An authentic real life healer such as myself at Pru's Guidance Of Life's Situationships, offering guidance in all areas of life of most that I have experienced and more. Authentic and real life Guidance from someone who's lived it, felt it and survived to tell the tale. Also I offer easy budget friendly RECIPE IDEAS of mine that I choose to share as an incentive to a quick healthy easy meal after a tough hard day and just can't be bothered to cook. YES you guessed it, cooking is my passion too. WHY WAIT!!! If you'd like to book an appointment or have any queries, I can be reached below.

Dedicated Modern Help

Along with self help THERAPIES, my relaxed modern approach that also fits my persona helps individuals to feel at ease. I will guide to Realign Mind, Body, and Spirit without breaking the bank. I utilise Mindfulness and other processes along with talking therapy to fully consider how your thoughts and feelings can affect your physical health, as well as exploring how the body can help to heal the mind. Looking at all aspects of your life, your Spirituality and your Aura, I approach good mental health with an open mind and an open heart.

A Range of Life's SITUATION-SHIPS Explored

I specialise in a range of different specific issues from RELATIONSHIP HELP: Third Party, Abuse, Neglect, Lonely, Rebuilding life, Life after divorce, SPIRITUAL: Soulmate, Twin Flame, STAGNANT. ALSO are you Over Worked I also offer Bereavement Guidance, Past hurt, Can't Let Go, Single Parent, Confidence, Making It Alone, Being Happy Alone, Raising Your Vibration, Loving Yourself Again, Attracting the Right Partner, to name a few. I will always take things at your pace, and look to approach your recovery with a blend of traditional counselling techniques and complementary alternative therapies. Call today for a confidential chat and to discover more about how I can help you work towards a happier, healthier, more centred you.


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